If you are experiencing mental health concerns, I am here to assist you.

Our objective is to thoroughly evaluate and assess your current and past mental health, as well as your current and previous prescription regimens, social history, family history, substance abuse, diet, and physical health.

The information collected from your evaluation allows us to determine the medication management strategy for you.

As part of effective care, I listen to your current issues with family, physical health, and social stressors. Compassion, understanding, and comfort are a few ways I support you in overcoming your difficulties. This will help us become better acquainted and give me a better understanding of who you are and what you seek.

Insurance Accepted

Assessment and Diagnosis:

A thorough interview will be conducted during which we will discuss your current and past mental health symptoms, current and past medications, social history, family history, substance use, diet and physical health. You will receive a diagnosis from this process.

Medication Management:

Using what we learn from your assessment, we discuss the available medications and decide what is the best fit for you. This is based on you as an individual and is evidence based.

Genetic testing:

This is used in conjunction with medication management. This is an easy way to determine what medications work best with your genetic profile. The patient receives a kit with which they send back a DNA sample (a swab of your mouth). We will receive a report listing which medications work best that will inform our decisions for medication management.