About Monty

My name is Monty Owens and I grew up in Upstate New York in a small town in the 80s and ’90s with very little mention of mental health. There was something missing- there was no awareness that people were suffering and therefore very little compassion was shown to them. I felt like I was the type of person who could help these people. I believe proper mental health care can lessen suffering and give people hope for the future. After graduating from nursing school I spent ten years providing medical nursing.

I operate from a nursing standpoint and am collaborative and empathetic. I listen to my clients carefully with the goal of understanding where they are coming from and what they have experienced. I take into careful consideration what I have learned about you as an individual during the assessment when making treatment recommendations. I do not take a cookie-cutter approach to the care I provide- it is individualized.

My goal is to have a transparent, professional provider-client relationship. I want you to be comfortable with communicating with me. Please speak up so we can discuss any issue you have.

LBGTQIA+ welcoming

Can Patients Still Get Medication Through Telepsychiatry?

Individuals who are unable to get into facilities/offices can still receive prescriptions and manage their medication, thanks to Telepsychiatry.

A consultation takes place online via a teleconferencing interface. My Telehealth sessions are designed to ensure and protect client’s privacy and they will be delivered with the top-quality services.

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